Practice Areas

Criminal Defense


With ABD Martin Law, you will get years of criminal defense experience, including undertaking dozens of trials. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a serious felony; whether you have been charged with driving under the influence, property crimes like theft, assault, domestic violence, or drug crimes, we know how to approach your case and get the best possible result for you.


Every case is different. It is always a good idea to quickly speak with an attorney. ABD Martin Law offers a free 15 minute call to discuss and assess your case.




A DUII case moves quickly. It is always a good idea to contact a quality criminal defense firm such as ABD Martin Law as soon as possible following an arrest or citation for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants. There are frequently important time limits and consequences that can effect you even before you have your first court date.


For example, you may have heard of breathalyzer machines. In Oregon, if you are arrested on suspicion of DUII blow above the legal limit, you may be subject to license suspensions that could impair your livelihood and your ability to care for yourself and your family. You are required to request a hearing on those suspensions within 10 days of your arrest. At these suspension hearings, the police officer is required to testify as to why you were stopped, why you were arrested, and whether the police officer performed the breath test correctly. A quality criminal defense firm like ABD Martin Law can use this as an opportunity to gather information which can result in the DMV refusing to suspend your license and which the attorney can use to help you at trial or even get the DUII charge dismissed.


Restraining/Stalking Orders


ABD Martin Law represents clients involved in restraining order and stalking protective order cases. Often these cases coincide with family law matters, criminal cases, or both. ABD Martin law has the experience to inform you of potential complications created when these kinds of cases exist at the same time. The advice provided helps to make sure parenting time issues can be dealt with without wasting money and precious time. Quality representation can help limit the likelihood that a criminal case will be filed along with a protective order.




If someone you know has recently passed away, ABD Martin Law can assist you in finding the best way to handle the estate.


Guardianship and Conservatorship


When you have a loved one who can no longer make appropriate decisions regarding their health or finances, it is a good time to speak with an attorney about what your options are. ABD Martin Law can help.




A criminal conviction on your record can hinder your plans in life in many ways such as housing, employment, and gun rights. Expungement or setting aside a conviction has the legal effect of removing the conviction from your record, meaning that it is legally true to say you have never been convicted or arrested for that charge. There are many reasons to seek to set aside a conviction and ABD Martin Law. We charge a flat fee of $750 for this service plus the filing fees required by the courts, if any.