Aaron Martin grew up in and attended school in Scappoose, Oregon before leaving to join the military, so he is very familiar with Columbia County, though he does practice in the surrounding counties in Oregon as well including Clatsop County, Washington County, and Multnomah County.


Aaron enlisted in the U.S. Army and served two combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and 2004. After the military, while working as a chemist in the semiconductor industry in Hillsboro, Oregon, Mr. Martin became interested in the law. He shadowed a few criminal defense attorneys in Portland and knew that he wanted a career defending those the government has accused of committing crimes. While respectful of his county and its well-meaning civil servants, experience has shown him that not every government action is undertaken competently or in good faith. He believes that people deserve a hard- working, skilled advocate to make sure the government is questioned and held to its obligations to its citizens.


Aaron Martin attended law school at the University of Oregon focusing on criminal law and trial court advocacy. During his studies, he worked at Public Defender Services of Lane County as a law clerk and then as a certified law student, learning much through his research, conducting his first trial, and filing a petition for a writ of mandamus with the Oregon Supreme Court.


Since, he has worked both in a Portland firm and as a solo practitioner in Saint Helens, Oregon, taking on cases in a variety of practice areas including criminal law, family law, probate, and civil matters.


Today, Aaron Martin’s practice is focused on defending the accused, but he provides a variety of other services as well. His experience with other areas of law allows him to inform his client about way in which their cases could affect other parts of their lives as well as how to limit and prevent any disruptions while they navigate issues within their criminal case. Aaron finds that getting the best result for his client depends on trust that is built by maintaining solid communication.


Aaron Martin is engaged in his community and volunteers as a Columbia County Planning Commissioner (he does not practice land use law or accept clients who need those services). He also serves as a board member and treasurer for Columbia County Legal Aid. In addition to his service as a board member for legal aid, Aaron volunteers his time as an attorney representing or assisting legal aid clients. Aaron has been awarded numerous awards for his pro bono work in Columbia County.


In his spare time, Aaron hikes, kayaks, and spends time with his family.